Shared Death Experiences

A shared death experience or “empathic death experience” as termed by Raymond A. Moody, M.D., best selling author of Life After Life,¬†happens when a person is near someone who is dying and shares that person’s death experience or a person in another location shares a death experience at the same time with someone who is dying.

What’s compelling about shared death experiences is the people who share their experiences with other who are dying express having similar experiences of those who have near death experiences. According to Moody, many report things such as leaving their bodies, seeing a beautiful light, seeing some kind of a passage way, and seeing relatives who have died come and greet the person who is dying. Some even share the life review of the person who is dying.

Moody asserts that shared death experiences will be a major subject of research in the coming decades as more people are dying surrounded by loved ones compared to previous years when many people died alone in hospitals.

Moody has written a book about shared death experiences titled¬†Glimpses of Eternity: Sharing a Love One’s Passage from this Life to the Next.

In the video below, Moody discusses some of the elements of shared death experiences. He also talks about how shared death experiences help validate the existence near death experiences as something real and not hallucinations or a change in brain chemistry at the time of death.

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    My father wrote a book about his own near death experience before his permanent death in 2004. His story has given me peace, and I believe it could help other people that are searching for answers. Find the book here:

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