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The following three videos is a documentary titled Beyond Death – Near Death Experiences. The film features five people who describe their NDEs. Dr. Bruce Greyson, M.D. also appears in the film and discusses NDEs. Greyson is one of the top contributors to the studies of NDEs.





Akiane Kramarik is a child prodigy who paints pictures inspired by her visions of heaven and her personal connection with God. What is compelling about Akiane’s drawing of Christ is Colton Burpo mentions in his book that Jesus looks like the man in her painting. Get additional information about Colton’s experience and his book Heaven is for Real–written by his father–in the video below.


Todd Burpo, author of Heaven is For Real, is the father of Colton Burpo who had a near death experience when he was almost four years old. Hear about the people he meets in heaven and some of the other interesting aspects of the afterlife.


Elizabeth Taylor discusses a near death experience on ABC News when she had stopped breathing for seven minutes.


Click here for an interesting collection of videos from Betty J. Eadie’s Web Site about her near death experience.


Dr. Jeffrey Long touches on the nine lines of evidence for life after death. This video shows excerpts of the documentary Afterlife. Dr. Long has also written a book about the compelling evidence for life after death titled Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences.


I Survived… Beyond and Back is an A & E television series about people who have been pronounced legally dead and are brought back to life. The survivors  also discuss the way their lives have changed since their near death experience.

The video below from the show is about Mike, a 16 year old student from Beverly Hills, IL who suffered cardiac arrest while in school.

Click here to watch full episodes from the series online.

Here are a few other condensed videos from Beyond and Back


Listen to Raymond A. Moody, Jr., M.D. author of the best selling book Life After Life talk about elements of near death experiences. Dr. Moody has written several books about the afterlife and is the person who coined the term near-death experience.


In this video, George Ritchie, M.D. describes his near death experience in 1943. Ritchie’s experience inspired Raymond A. Moody to do the research for his book Life After Life. Ritchie has written a detailed account of his NDE in his book Ordered to Return: My Life After Dying. 


A very inspirational near-death experience video about love and forgiveness from a woman who has had two near-death experiences


Short but inspiring stories from a few people who had life after death experiences






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