Evidence of Life After Death

Most evidence of life after death comes from near death experiences. A near death experience occurs when someone is close to death or is pronounced clinically dead. Then he or she is subsequently revived.

During the time of impending death, people who have near death experiences usually experience leaving or detaching from their bodies. Many report watching their bodies from above as a spectator. They also usually report a feeling of peace and seeing a bright light. Some encounter other people who have died, and some report seeing a religious figure to help guide them in the transition from this life to the next. Many also experience a life review. Eventually, they return to their bodies, and their experience usually changes them in some way.

Evidence of Life After Death

  • Evidence of Life After DeathSome of the most profound evidence of life after death comes from people who meet others who have died previously, and their death was unknown to the person having the near death experience. After they are revived, they learn that the person they saw on the other side had in fact already died without their knowledge.
  • Others who are revived after a near death experience describe things that happened or describe things that were said they couldn’t possibly have known about such as incidents that were at a great distance or at a different location.
  • Some near death experience experts also have documented incidents of people who have been blind all their lives, yet during their near death experience they can clearly recall seeing everything that happened to them.
  • The most profound evidence of life after death consists of the similarities among people who have near death experiences. Raymond A. Moody, M.D. in his book Life After Life documented over 100 near death experiences and noted 15 similarities among them like the inability to adequately describe their experience, feelings of peace and quiet, meeting others who had previously died and seeing a bright light.
  • In Evidence of the Afterlife: The Science of Near-Death Experiences, Jeffrey Long, M.D. states there are nine arguments that prove life continues after death such as children having similar near death experiences as adults even though they’re too young to have been exposed to the concept of life after death.
  • Near death experiences are not a new phenomenon. Reports of life after death have been reported for thousands of years beginning in ancient texts such as The Bible, The Tibetan Book of the Dead and by the Greek philosopher, Plato.
  • According to David Kessler in Visions, Trips, and Crowded Rooms, many people who are close to death report having deathbed visions of relatives and friends who come to help them make the transition of from this life to the afterlife.


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