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“Does every creature have a soul? Surely they do; for everything God has touched will live forever.” –St. Francis of Assisi

Will your pet who passed away before you meet you in the afterlife?

Many near death experiencers have described their pets greeting them in the afterlife, especially those who had a strong bond with their pet or fur baby. Lots of people say if there is an afterlife and their pets are not there, then it wouldn’t be much of a heaven or afterlife.

Read documented accounts from near death experiencers who had been greeted by their beloved pets in the afterlife. 



Jonathan G Sees All His Former Pets During NDE

meets dogs and cats in NDE

According to a personal account of an NDE by Jonathan G who was in the hospital for chest pains, pets do greet people in the afterlife.

Jonathan states of his NDE, “I then became distracted by figures to my right which were all my former pets (dogs and cats that had died) climbing over each other to get to me, they gave me the impression of me just getting home for a long trip as they seemed very excited to see me.”

To read all of Jonathan G’s near death account at, click here.



NDE and Shared Death Experience with Pet Dog

After her heart stops for over four minutes during a heart attack, Jan talks about her deceased dog Maggie greeting her and guiding her to other planes of existence. Jan’s experience reveals that it’s not just people beings that help those who are passing from this life to the next. Her experience also shows that pets are spirit guides too.

What’s exceptional about Jan’s near death experience is that her husband shared her experience too.

Recent research has shown that many people who are not sick share the death experience with their loved ones.

If you’re interested in more information, Raymond Moody who introduced the near death experience to many in his book Life After Life, also provides evidence of people who have shared the experiences of the dying in his book Glimpses of Eternity: An Investigation Into Shared Death Experiences. 



Michael’s NDE with His Dog

Michael was 19 years old when he had an NDE and saw his deceased dog
Describing his NDE, Michael says, “…I saw my deceased dog from my childhood bounding towards me. I remember exclaiming her name at the top of my lungs as I saw her bounding towards me…I was so excited to see her again.”

Read Michael’s full NDE here on



Dogs, Birds, and a Cat in the Afterlife

Beth saw many animals during an NDE:

Beth says, “Surrounding my grandfather, there was a beautiful meadow, with several animals (dogs, birds, a cat) and the colors were very vivid, like in a painting.”

Read Beth’s full account of her NDE here.



Dogs and Cats Running Happy in Fields

While giving birth in 1985, Kathy Baker flatlined for a full eight minutes. During her near death experience, she describes seeing dogs and cats running around free and happy in beautiful fields.
Listen to Kathy’s full account of her near death experience on YouTube.




Dogs Came Running and Jumped On Me

meeting dog in NDE

Lynn states that during her near death experience, “From the light came two dogs of mine. One was a collie named Mimi who had died three years previously from an infection, and the other was a boxer named Sam who had died two years before after being hit by a car. The dogs came running and jumped on me and kissed my face with their tongues. Their tongues weren’t wet, and I felt no weight when they jumped on me. The dogs seemed to glow from a light that was inside them.”

Read Lynn’s full near death experience here.



George Sees His Horse During NDE

meets horse during near death experience

During his near death experience George states, “I seemed to be sitting, lying under a tree. And I remember sort of waking up and I could see this horse coming towards me. And it was my old Jenny. Course, she looked younger, of course and she was, oh, she was so thrilled, so happy you could sense or feel it, I can’t say how, I mean, this is something I can’t explain, but it’s almost as if she was talking to me. It was extraordinary. I couldn’t hear any voice and you don’t expect to hear a horse speak, but it was somehow mentally, I suppose. Now I realize now it must have been as though she was speaking to me, welcoming me.”

Read George’s full account of his near death experience here.



Kustav Meets His Cat During NDE

After being shot in the head by a robber, Kustav leaves his body and floats over to the the grave of his pet cat Elmar. He states the sky went completely black but then he notices a bright white light and follows the light.

cat in dear death experience

Kustav states, “I managed to float into this stream of light. Suddenly, I felt very cold and was shivering. As I was rising, I saw snow flakes. I saw a piece of floating land in the distance. I had one pine tree and covered in snow. I was still so cold, but decided to go to that tree. Below the tree, I heard a meow. I looked down and saw Elmar! Elmar was a white Persian cat. I could not believe it. He was watching me. His beautiful green eyes and long, luscious white fur. Suddenly, I realized I had hands. I was surprised by this. I picked up Elmar. While I held him, he purred. No longer did I feel cold. His fur completely warmed me up and I felt the energy of his love. It was just like old times. I began to cry in feeling of happiness. I could even smell him exactly the was he used to smell. I put him down, and could tell from his purring and rubbing up against me that I would ok.”

Read Kustav’s full account of his near death experience with his cat here.



“Everything About Him Was Bear,” Says Scott of His Cat

cat in near death experience

Scott sees his black manx cat Bear, who had previously passed, during his near death experience. Scott says that, “Everything about him was Bear… He was looking up at me as [sic} he was walking toward me, and our eyes were connected. It was like I could tell, I don’t want to say could tell what he was thinking, but it was very comforting, a comfort feeling. There was light emanating from him and around, it was like a warm looking orangish yellow kind of light emanating from him. And I went to say… I want to say, I could feel it in my chest wanting to say ‘Beaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrr.'”

Read Scott’s full near death experience with Bear here.



Near Death Experiences With Pets and Research

Only a little research has been done on pets and animals in near death experiences; however, one researcher, P.M.H. Atwater, Lh.D., has taken more notice to this phenomenon than others.

Atwater states in her article “Near-Death Experiences in Children,” that children are more likely to report seeing their beloved pets who had passed. Atwater states, “Children sometimes describe an animal heaven they must visit before they can go to the heaven where people are.”

Atwater also states that from her research people who have near death experiences and meet initial greeters are many times likely to meet “Animals (most often beloved pets who are deceased, yet there are many of non-pets such as horses, lion, or even chickens, who come as ‘guides’ or to deliver a message.”

Looking for more near death experience accounts with pets and animals? Please check out our Facebook page.  


  • E

    I believe all animals have souls, even a worthless chicken as some may say. God will justify all the sufferings that each and all animals go through by guiding their souls to heaven. Amen.

  • Lydia

    I so much want to believe this. A few months ago, I lost my Dobermann, Zorro. He was old and sick. It has been so hard without him. He was my soul mate, my best buddy, my everything. I miss him so much, it feels as if I had an amputation. Something vital has gone. I really, really hope, I will be reunited with my buddy one day!

    • admin

      I’m so sorry for what you’re going through after Zorro’s loss. I felt the same way about my Yorkie, Cody, who after 14 years crossed over into the afterlife. It’s hard to live without our beloved pets who are family members. I’ve documented several near death experiences where people are reunited with their pets or see other animals in their near death experiences. They are, like people, living and loving creatures and I’m sure you’ll be reunited with your Zorro one day.

    • Joe

      I just lost my best friend, Jedda to cancer.
      She was a shepherd mix and my soulmate.
      I found her abandoned as a month old puppy by a creek. We have been together since then, even when I was homeless and people said to put her in a kennel because that way I could get allowed into the shelter. It was 22 degrees Fahrenheit and I chose instead to sleep in my little soft top Jeep with my Jedda. We’ve been together through everything, and she was taken too soon at 8 years old. I am devastated. Getting through every minute is an ordeal.
      I’m still breaking down.
      But some amazing things happened.

      1. I’ve been away getting an MBA for about 10 months with frequent visits ( my wife and Jedda stayed at home). Just a day or two before coming back this time I dreamed I came home and Jedda greeted me and I squatted and petted and caressed her. Then she wwalked away. I called to her to please come back but she looked back, sad eyed, and left. I woke up in a panick thinking she was rejecting me for being away so often, but after she passed realized she was saying good bye.

      2. My wife and I were hugging her when she passed at the vet. She had stopped eating and was immaciated. Emergency surgery to fix danger of her stomach twisting led to discovery of advanced cancer in her liver and gall bladder-so we decided to let her go in peace.
      As she took her last breath the ENTIRE place erupted with all the dogs barking. They were in another room and couldn’t see us. And this was the INSTANT Jedda passed. They didn’t sound angry or distressed, but almost like a chorus. It lasted for about 30 seconds, then they got quiet.

      3. We went to bed spent. My wife said that at about 4AM she heard Jedda’s bark-not from outside or even in the room, but like inside her ear. She said it was very loud and powerful and sounded happy.

      I still break down. It’s only been two days. Sometimes I feel desperation. But I have faith that she will be there to greet me some day when I pass.

      • Russ

        You WILL be re-united with Jedda. Believe nothing else. Heaven is unconditional love and those animals and humans that we had such a strong loving bond with on Earth will become our Heaven for all eternity…

  • Richie

    I recently lost my best buddy in the world , a dachshund named Fred. I am beside myself with grief, and reading this helped me have hope to see him again . Right now I am devestated without my best friend.

    • admin

      After I lost my best friend, a Yorkshire Terrier named Cody, I did a lot of research about people who have near death experiences and meet their pets who had passed previously. I started collecting these anecdotes and compiled them on a Facebook page:

      I know your loss of Fred is devastating. I hope you can find some peace trusting that one day you will be together again.

  • Liz s

    My beloved dog of 17 years was put to sleep yesterday and I can honestly say I am beyond devastated. She went everywhere with me and i dont know how I will ever feel better again. Knowing that I will see her again and that she is ok and reunited with our other pets makes me feel better….thank you

    • admin

      You’re welcome. I believe my Cody, a Yorkie, who passed two years ago is with a German Shepard I had when I was a child.

    • LaceyBN

      Liz I too had my dog put to sleep yesterday, she was a 17 year old Dacshund. I can’t stop crying and find myself expecting to see her laying in one of her spots. The pain is unbearable. I want so badly to know that she ok, and that we will be together again someday.

  • James

    I recently just had my cat put to sleep on March 1st. Hardest thing ive ever had to do. She was 16 years old. Ive had her since i was 14 years old. My heart really hurts. Coming home and my Xena is not at the door to greet me or cuddle with me. My other cat is depressed and missing her too. My sleeping pattern is so messed up cant sleep. I have a million things running through my mind. Will i see my precious baby in heaven when its my time? I so distraught right now.

    • admin

      There is plenty of evidence to suggest you will see Xena again. You may find some comfort reading about more near death experiences with pets/animals on my Facebook page

      You are not alone. Many have gone through a loss like yours. Please keep reaching out to others for support. Give your other cat extra love and be sure to be gentle with yourself.

  • Lost my baby boy Armani just one week ago today. He was 9 weeks old when I got him, and passed at 10-1/2 years old. A tiny 5 pound Silver, Mini Toy Poodle. He was the love of my life, the smartest little guy, the sweetest, the most affectionate. He was diagnosed 3 months before passing with a heart murmur and collapsing trachea. On meds for that. He passed at 5 A.M. on 4/4/17. I cried all day long with no more than ten minutes inbetween the tears. Got a migraine from crying. The next day I felt even worse if that’s possible. When my other dog ZuZu got up that morning, she went from room to room looking for him, which made me cry even more. My heart broke and I ache for his sweet little soul. I sleep with the little infant carrier that I made for him when he was just a puppy. I have all his clothes, toys, blankets, photos and feel such profound sadness. I used to pray that God would take the three of us all at the same second in time. I learned God is in charge of our coming and going. I keep his medicine bottle in my bathroom cabinet just to see his name on it. He is being cremated and I will have his ashes until I leave here and go looking for him. Thank God I still have ZuZu, a Chihuahua baby girl, nearly 12 y.o. She, grieved too and didn’t eat or drink for days. I had to force feed her water. If she had gone too, I can’t imagine coping with the double loss. She is fine today and we are both so lonely without our little Armani. I pray we are reunited at our deaths in Heaven.

    • admin

      Mimi, I know Armani’s loss is so hard for you and ZuZu, and even though we know we will meet our pets in the afterlife, after they leave their physical body and leave us seemingly alone, it’s as though there is a huge vacuum in our lives. Keep reaching out to others who are going through or have gone what you and ZuZu are going through. Keep his medicine bottle in your bathroom cabinet if this gives you comfort. Just believe that even though Armani has left his body, he still exists and visits you. You will be reunited one day but for today it’s okay to feel your loss and cry about missing him.

  • Gigi

    A few days ago my dog passed away. He was poisoned by someone. We have had Orion for almost 6 years. We had found him wandering the streets, being less than a few months old, and desperately searching for food and water. And we adopted him. Me and my wife’s pain now is intolerable. We are trying to make a baby and we made dreams of how happy he would be when the baby came to life. Unfortunately, God had other plans for him.
    However I am very pleased to have found that many NDEs mention pets in the aafterlife. Such innocent souls couldnt be lost forever, could they?
    I am shaken by reading about these experiences plus i had a special one for me (yellow butterflies appeared out of my house a few days ago ehen I was asking for God to give me ansign he is Ok). We are totally moved and seeing life from a whole new different angle.
    Rest in peace Orion.

  • Tom

    My wife and I have to put one of our cats, ” Sonny” to sleep a little over a week ago.
    Rescued him from a parking lot. Lots of treatments and surgeries to try to help him have a cat’s life. We were extremely close.
    I am broken and will never be the same.
    I pray that he is still near me and someday I will be blessed and see him again.

  • Rod

    I just lost my beautiful cat – she was 22 years old, and I was so blessed to have her for so long. She came to us from a neighbor – she was an alley cat’s kitten that nobody wanted, and she was one of God’s finest. She gave so much love to my late mother, who died a few year’s after she joined us. I became her new mother, and she slept beside me nearly every night (she insisted) and purred like a jet engine. She eventually got quite old, and became deaf, incontinent, and nearly bedridden. But she was a fighter, and you could still see a spark in her eyes that she wanted to be with me, and still ate like a horse. Finally though she got a serious infection and passed away, leaving me devastated and shell-shocked.

    In your head, you know that day is coming, but in your heart, there’s no way to prepare. Now the house is always empty and quiet, and my heart is still shattered. Others can glibly say to just get another pet – but they don’t get it. It’s like your own child dying – you can have another child – but that doesn’t bring your first child back. You can make a new, deep, loving relationship, but there will always be a shadow in the background.
    I know she is happy and free from all the misery and suffering she had on earth. She will never be old, sick, weak, or tired in the next world. Never cold, hot, hungry, thirsty, lonely, itchy, or sad. She still loves me and I still love her – this world cannot ever kill that. And one day we will be together, and never be separated again.
    The agony is all on my side – to live perhaps the next 30 or 40 years without her. To never see her when I wake up, or come home. To never hear her purring or meow again. She is now in eternal joy with my mother again. But how can I ever be happy without her?

  • Bellamy

    I am comforted by this page. I lost my princess, Tiny, just over 2 months ago. 1 month after her passing, our prince, Tank, was diagnosed with the same cancer that took our baby girl. Tank is limping more today and I know the end result is imminent.

    I am non stop crying, I didn’t get a chance to mourn Tinys passing before Tanks diagnosis and it has smashed what was remaining of my broken heart. I can only live if I know I’ll be reunited with them. I just want to be with them now. They are my soulmates and to say it’s a struggle is an understatement.

  • Shannon

    We just had to put our 10 year old pit down last night due to anemia. It hit and quick so my brother decided it was time. Vinny told us it was time. We buried him today and I can’t stop crying for him and my brother. He had the best life. I pray we get a sign from vinny. If all my beloved dogs are Not in heaven waiting, I don’t want to go. I want to be with my dogs for eternity. I have faith in God he will allow my dogs to be waiting for me when my time comes to pass. Nothing hurts worse then losing a dog. My heart is broken

    • admin

      So sorry to hear about Vinny, especially so suddenly. I lost my Yorkie, Cody, on December 23, 2014. Cody sent me signs he was still around after he passed. A few weeks after his passing, I cleaned under the armoire in my bedroom. The next day my husband and I pulled the armoire out to paint out bedroom. I found a nickel with the year of Cody’s birth: 2001. I knew it was a sign from Cody as I’m a bit of a compulsive cleaner and always clean under the armoire once a month, so I don’t know how the nickel got there. I also decided to paint a picture of Cody. As I was walking to Micheal’s to buy paint and a canvas for his picture, right by the front door Michael’s, I found a dime and it was dated 2001. I’m sure Vinny will send you signs. I understand it’s heart breaking right now and it’s certainly ok to feel that way. You’re right. Nothing hurts worse than losing a dog.

  • Jack

    About nine months ago we had to put down our beloved yellow lab Colonel. He gave us 14 years of pure joy and unconditional Love. Although we knew it was time it was still gut wrenching. I was devastated. I am retired but my wife still works. Colonel was my buddy and my companion during the day. We had a deep bound, recognized by my wife, as we spent so much time together on walks or going to the dog park where he loved the water, swimming and retrieving balls. We don’t have children so losing Colonel was like losing a child. I was shattered. It is still extremely difficult and there are days when his absence drops me to my knees. The house is very empty. I know he is still with us in spirit. The night of his passing as I was laying in bed I heard the jingling of his dog tags on his collar and then shortly afterwards I heard him snoring. Man that dog could snore! I thought I was imagining things but after talking with my wife the next day she said she heard it too along with the jingling. I believe it was his way of saying he was o.k. I have also sensed his presence several other times. Although it is still extremely difficult not having him by my side, I know he is in heaven where I will get to spend eternity with him. God is Love and such a Loving Heavenly Father and knowing how much we Love our pets there is NO WAY he would not reunite us knowing how much joy this would give us! May God comfort us all.

  • Jami

    4 days ago we had to put our bestest friend in the entire world to rest! Oreo!!! The sweetest smartest dog you would ever meet! My side is empty .. my bed is empty… I hate coming home from work and he isn’t there! He use to get so excited to take the kids to school with me in the morning and would stand by the door until we left! Everything seems empty! His absence is felt so deep because his life was felt so deep! He was such a HUGE part of my life !!! He was only 5 years old! It was not his time! He was not ready ! He was poisoned by a horrible person! I miss him so much! I want a time machine! I want to scratch him again. I want him to lick me again. I want to hear his little contented sighs when he sleeps! I want to know he is ok and that he understands what happened. I honestly don’t know how to go on!

    • admin

      Jami, I can’t tell you how horrible I feel about what happened to Oreo. It’s unfathomable that someone would do that to a dog. You are not alone in your feelings about missing Oreo. I felt the same about the everyday routines I had with my dog, Cody. Please keep reaching out to people who understand your feelings. Oreo was a part of your family. From all the anecdotal evidence I’ve read from Near death experiences, it’s likely Oreo understands what happened to him, but he is in a place where he is free and happy and filled with peace. This afterlife is filled with forgiveness for even people who have hurt others. Oreo is at peace. Give yourself permission to grieve for this profound loss. Take care of yourself. Treat yourself like you would anyone else grieving as much as you are.

  • Ladonna

    Thank you for the article, it gives me hope that I’ll get to see my beautiful little Yorkie Elena again. She was my best friend, the love of my life, my everything. I lost her on Monday due to the vet giving her the wrong medication that shut her kidneys down. I’m devastated and miss her terribly.

    • admin

      I’m so sorry to hear about sweet little Elena. It’s hard and overwhelming to lose your best friend and the love of your life. I’m glad you’ve found some comfort here.

  • Jacqueline

    I just lost my beautiful, best friend O’shay. He was nearly 13 years. He passed at the vet clinic from severe anemia. I feel so horrible that I left him overnight for treatment. He hated vet clinics. I thought for sure I’d be picking him up the next morning, but he passed before I could get there. He died without his family, he died surrounded by strangers. I am devestated, I’m so sorry that this happened to him. He was my best friend, constant companion and I can’t imagine life without him.
    The nights are the worst. No snoring, it’s just dead silent😩
    I sure hope he’s in Heaven, I need to hang onto that hope.

    • admin

      I’m sorry to hear your beloved O’Shay passed away without you by his side. I’m sure he’s in heaven now. Forgive yourself for not being with him. You did the best you could and O’Shay knows that.

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