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CM Herold spent her childhood living on the West Side of Chicago. When she was twelve years old, her apparently healthy 10 year-old brother died suddenly from a brain aneurysm early one rainy April morning.

Life After Death Experiences
CM and Bobby with Their Mother in Chicago

When Boddy died, CM was alone with him and her other five-year old brother. Their parents had just left for work and the three siblings were getting dressed and getting ready to eat breakfast before school. Bobby, who was always healthy, complained of a sudden, intense headache while he was getting dressed for school. CM told him he probably just needed to take some aspirin.

Thinking nothing was seriously wrong with Bobby, except for a bad headache, CM continued doing her usual morning routine in the dinning room. Suddenly she felt Bobby’s presence fill the room. She also sensed that earthly time as she understood it seemed to stop. Then she felt Bobby’s presence condense and hoover over her high in the corner of the room near the ceiling. She looked up and sensed Bobby was smiling down on her, so she smiled back at him. It was a strong but peaceful feeling. As suddenly Bobby’s presence filled the room, he left. The experience had felt so intense–so real, peaceful and calm that she thought it was odd and decided to check on Bobby. She found him lying next to his bed on his bedroom floor.

CM called her younger brother to help lift Bobby and put him on the bed. When they lifted his body, it felt as light as a feather–a surreal feeling of lightness. By this time, she knew something was seriously wrong with her brother, and she called a neighbor who quickly came over and called an ambulance.

Life After Bobby’s Death

A year after Bobby died, CM and her family moved across the United States to Los Angeles to escape everything that reminded them of Bobby. Before they left Chicago, her mother gave away just about everything–most of their clothing, all of their furniture and almost all of Bobby’s things. All they packed in their station wagon to Los Angeles were a few clothes and two small boxes filled with some of Bobby’s small toys and some of his ¬†belongings from school.

CM and her family rarely spoke about Bobby, but she thought about him all the time. She often wondered where he was. Could it be that Bobby existed–that his soul lived on somewhere? Or were his only remains lying in a dark box six feet under a cold earth?

As CM got older she married and had three children. She also divorced her husband when her children were young and went to college. She received a BA in English from UCLA and a MA in English from California State Long Beach. Eventually she remarried–this time happily.

As the years continued to pass since Bobby died, CM still often thought about him and the afterlife. Stories of life after death experiences fascinated her. After she finished college, she got a part-time job teaching at a local community college, and started doing research on the school’s academic databases about life after death. She also read several books about near death experiences.

Evidence of Life After Death

You are probably browsing through this website because you have curiosity about life after death experiences. It’s not unusual curiosity. More and more, people are sharing a deep desire to learn more about what will happen after they die.

Perhaps you’ve lost a loved one and are searching for comfort through evidence that supports the idea that his or her soul continues to exist in some kind of world–whether it’s the world that surrounds us or a world that exists somewhere out in the universe. Perhaps it’s even both.

What’s Unique about Life After Death Experiences?

Most people want to believe that life continues after their physical bodies die. They want to believe that their loved ones who have already passed over continue to exist happily and peacefully. Mostly, they want to believe that one day they too will meet their loved ones when it’s their time to crossover from this life onto the next.

Life After Death Experiences offers a unique look through the evidence experts present about the afterlife. The website is created to collectively present what different authors and experts reveal about the afterlife, including those who argue against the evidence of life after death. In this way the reader is left to form his or her own opinion about life after death.

The site is also meant to help people find answers to questions they may have about their own experiences with death–not just in the context of where their loved ones have passed on to but also their own earth-bound spiritual experiences with the afterlife.

Finally, this website is meant to be a community where readers are welcome to share their own experiences and opinions in the comment section below the articles or through the contact us form.

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